Theatre Affirmations to Empower Community Theatre Groups

The landscape of theatre reviews is undergoing a subtle yet significant transformation, reflecting the evolving needs of the creative community. Responding to this shift and the growing demand from community theatre and youth groups, Theatre Haus is proud to introduce Theatre Affirmations, a positive and promotional form of feedback tailored to support and uplift emerging talents.

Theatre Affirmations diverge from traditional reviews by disregarding constructive criticism, instead focusing solely on celebrating the effort, community spirit, and enjoyment of the creatives involved. This initiative aims to provide a platform where emerging artists can showcase their efforts without the apprehension of critical evaluation.

“While constructive criticism undoubtedly holds its place in the theatre landscape, we recognised a need for an alternative approach that emphasises encouragement and support,” told co-founder of Theatre Haus, Trent Sellars.

“For several years we have been exploring ways to provide an inclusive and empowering alternative to reviews. Recently, we’ve had a number of disability advocates reach out, as well as many teachers and youth theatre group organisers who’ve expressed their wish of having a reviewer attend, but limit feedback to uplifting and motivational feedback.”

Theatre Affirmations will serve as a testament to Theatre Haus’ commitment to inclusivity and empowerment within the performing arts community, while maintaining their dedication to honesty in general reviews.

Distinct from conventional reviews, Theatre Affirmations maintain the same process but with a modified structure and emphasis on positivity. Affirmations will include a statement at the outset, clearly delineating their promotional nature and omission of constructive critique.

“While we have fast-tracked Theatre Affirmations at this time, it comes after years of serious consideration and consultation with both youth and disability theatre groups who will benefit most.”

Groups looking to invite Theatre Haus to write a Theatre Affirmation can utilise the existing request-a-reviewer feature, specifying their preference for an Affirmation, alongside the customary two complimentary tickets and a show program to facilitate the reviewer’s writing. Details such as ticket prices, a show synopsis, and a full cast/creative lists should also be provided.

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