Big Scholarships on offer at Big Fork Theatre

Big Scholarships on offer at Big Fork Theatre!

What does Michael Scott from ‘The Office,’ Jane from ‘Jane the Virgin’ and Homer from ‘The Simpsons’ all have in common? They go to improv class! However, you don’t need to be Michael Scott to be an improv master, Big Fork Theatre provides collaborative hilarity which will give you the improv skills to put these iconic characters to shame. 

The Brisbane based ensemble and training program deliver weekly classes from the bare basics of improv all the way to becoming a bonified master – and now these classes are accessible to all! Big Fork Theatre is handing out one scholarship in all seven of their improv classes for an entire term of improvised madness. 

Co-founder, Cameron Watson, believes that improv is for everyone and that this scholarship program will help to remove a barrier for people beginning their improv journey. The theatre group is on a mission to create classes that are as diverse as the topics they traverse. 

“We have a full curriculum of improv classes that start with beginner classes that teach the fundamental concepts and techniques of improvisation all the way up to advanced classes that teach specific improv formats and musical improvisation,” said Watson.

Big Scholarships on offer at Big Fork Theatre
Big Fork Theatre is offering keen improvisers a chance to learn from their skilled professionals for FREE!

Improvisers can begin with a free two-hour class which eases them into the wild world of improvised acting. From here, the group offers classes such as ‘Improv Fundamentals’, ‘The Scene’, Group Mind’, ‘Finding the Funny’, ‘Intro to Musical Improv’ and the list goes on. 

Watson recognises that the benefit of improvisation classes goes far beyond the stage, as “the skills taught are transferable to everyday applications and can assist with public speaking, interpersonal skills and confidence,” he said.

Big Fork Theatre extends beyond the classroom and provides opportunities for both students and external improvisers to jam and play in a safe environment. Every Friday, the group hosts a live comedy at Hands on Art in Paddington, where improvised comedy is given a home on the Brisbane stage. Improv and sketch nights are also presented, allowing those with training and experience a chance to strut their theatrical stuff.

Big Scholarships on offer at Big Fork Theatre
Every Friday Evening, Big Fork Theatre hosts a live comedy show.

Scholarships to Big Fork Theatre improv classes include the entire fee for the selected class and a bonus free admission to all shows during the class. Those who are applying are encouraged to consider how much they will get out of the class, whether they would be able to attend without the scholarship and what impact the class would have on their future endeavours. These new scholarships aim to encourage diversity within Big Fork Theatre improv classes and to welcome newcomers who may not otherwise have the chance to experience the fun, confidence and comradery that improvised theatre brings.

Personal experience breeds creativity and Cameron Watson is excited to welcome new personalities and knowledge to the improvised stage. 

“We hope the scholarship program will help increase the diversity of our company and bring together more world views and experience to create more fulfilling improvisational performances.”   

Want to know more? Head to for all improvised goodness. To apply for Big Fork Theatre’s new scholarship program, head to The next round closes Sunday, 30 June 2019, so get in quick!

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