Hamilton 'Satisfied'

New Video compares the elaborate staging behind ‘Hamilton’

The staging behind Broadway’s ‘Hamilton’ has been long admired. With its recent release on Disney+, fans have been able to press play, pause, stop and rewind to catch all the hidden nuances that make this musical such a gem.

In case there was ever any doubt about the masterminds behind the production – Lin Manuel-Miranda (Composer and Star), Thomas Kail (Director), Alex Lacamoire (Musical Director) and Andy Blankenbuehler (Choreographer) – a new video has emerged showcasing the elaborate attention to detail behind the musicals well thought out staging.

The Pulitzer-winning production was released on the digital streamed platform, Disney+, just over a month ago, and since then, fans have been going wild and finding hidden meanings, references and easter eggs within the show. From the interpretation of Eliza’s final breath to the clever juxtapositions in the double casting, there is much to unpack; especially when one can watch the musical over and over again. 

In a new YouTube video, created by user Ye Olde Bard, three songs from the production are paired to highlight the love triangle between Angelica Schuyler and her sister, Eliza Schuyler, with Alexander Hamilton. From two different perspectives, as shown in “Satisfied” and “A Winter’s Ball/Helpless”, we see just exactly how and when the sisters fall in love with Hamilton. The scenes rewind and fast forward through each other; with the same gestures, choreography and sequences. This detailed and extremely artistic staging gives intricate insight into the budding romances and historical references rampant within the production.

What we can now witness is the complexity behind the dance and emotions that conjoin to create a wondrous vignette-filled effect. “Satisfied” lands itself smack bang in the middle of Act 1, and the rigorous perspective shift adds an additional layer to the overall story arch. What we hear is how Angelica turned down her desires for Alexander. In the musical, and the new recording, what we can now watch is just exactly how it all happened in a dismantled back track of events.

Watch the video below: 

Other users have been quick to point out further crossovers, thanks to this side-by-side comparison. Some include the delivery of the letters addressed to Eliza but intercepted by Angelica first, the different choices in lighting hues for each character, and even the pauses between musical melodies to show how fast Angelica thinks. 

Overall, consensus shows just how incredibly well-matched the songs are and how talented the cast members of the production are to perform a song in reverse. 

The stage production of ‘Hamilton’ centres on the creation of the United States of America and one of its founding fathers. The book, music and lyrics were written by Miranda, and fans can watch the original Broadway production on Disney+. Subscriptions start from $8.99 per month.

Check out the video and let us know what you found in the comparison!

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