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BAMT premieres new Australian musical

After sold-out and critically acclaimed productions of ‘Godspell’ and ‘All Shook Up’ earlier this year, the students of Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre’s Performance Course are turning their hand to a brand new work for their final production of the year.

There will be no borrowing from Broadway or even the West End for this production; this November, they’ll be premiering a brand new Australian musical, ‘Misfits School of Arts’.

Written by Dennett Hudson and Tim O’Connor, ‘Misfits School of Arts’ is all about the joys and perils of pursuing a life in the arts that reminds us that in a world where not everyone fits, its okay to be a misfit. Writer, Tim O’Connor, who is also the CEO of Harvest Rain and founder of the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre’ (otherwise known as BAMT), spoke of how this idea has been years in the making.

“We’ve been picking away at the idea for this musical for years,” said O’Connor.

“It wasn’t until the pandemic hit and we all had to go home and hide out for a few months that life slowed down enough for us to actually get the thing finished! So, as harrowing as 2020 has been, some good has come of it in the form of this show!”

Set in a little town just outside of somewhere, retired performer Eglentine Fitzgerald welcomes the newest co-hort of rag-tag youngsters to her Misfits School of Arts. Over the course of a year, we follow this band of merry muppets as they pursue their Broadway dreams. From fear of wearing tights in ballet to trying to out-sing everybody at all times, to blossoming young love and the pain of heartbreak, and the ever-present question of who will get a solo at the end of year showcase, this hilarious coming-of-age story is both thigh-slappingly funny and heart-warmingly touching.

Composer Dennett Hudson spoke of how the main plotline fits really well with the students at BAMT.

“It’s a show all about young people trying to follow their creative dreams,” said Dennett Hudson.

“The students at BAMT know all about that, so it’s a great fit. Plus, there’s some incredible talent in the course and we’ve been able to really highlight that with all the original music in the show”

‘Misfits School of Arts’ plays at the Hayward Street Studios from 25 November for a limited season.

For tickets and more information about the show, visit the Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre website

Media Release provided by Brisbane Academy of Musical Theatre (BAMT).

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