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Darkfield Radio ready to scare with Dracula-inspired show, ‘Eternal’

The third at-home immersive audio experience by Darkfield Radio arrives in Australia next week.

Inspired by Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’, ‘Eternal’ builds on the success of its predecessors, ‘Visitors’ and ‘Double’, for another thrilling at-home adventure.

While the past radio shows previously targeted audiences in pairs, ‘Eternal’ instead is perfect for one person.

That is, to be experienced alone. At home. In their bed.

The show explores the lure of eternal life and what someone is willingly ready to give up just to achieve it. In return of making a sacrifice, you’re offered immortality. But every good deal comes with conditions.

Broadcasting from Thursday, 3 December 2020, ‘Eternal’ was originally commissioned by Bram Stoker Festival. It marks the sixth experience produced in Australia by Melbourne-based company, Realscape Production. Producer, Amy Johnson, spoke of how well ‘Eternal’ fits into their innovative style.

“We can never get over how much Australian audiences enjoy putting themselves into white-knuckle situations,” said Johnson.

“’Eternal’ is perfect for Australia’s addiction to the mysterious and supernatural: it’s a take on the on-edge tension that happens when you hear a strange sound in the night, magnified by Darkfield’s intense 360-degree audio.”

‘Eternal’ marks the final show in the 2020 Darkfield Radio trilogy, which has built quite the following in Australia and around the world. Darkfield Artistic Directors Glen Neath and David Rosenberg explain why.

“With the launch of ‘Eternal’, we hope we’ve managed to unsettle you in most of the rooms in your house. We’re excited we now have three shows on the platform that you can experience alone or with another, all on the same evening.”

‘Eternal’ runs every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 9:30 PM AEDT and 9:30 PM AWST. ‘Visitors’ also performs on the same days at 9:00 PM AEDT and 9:00 PM AWST, and ‘Double’ runs just before all at 8:30 PM AEDT and 8:30 PM AWST. Tickets to ‘Eternal’ cost $11.40 per person.

Only one question remains – will you make the ‘Eternal’ sacrifice?

Tickets to all Darkfield Radio events are available at their website.

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