10 ways to survive tech week

10 Ways to Survive Tech Week

As a creative, nothing is as riveting as being a part of a production. However, there is always a certain element we all dread: the technical week just before the production starts its run. It is intense, but can be managed. Here are some helpful tips from our Haus to help you survive tech week.

1. Eat Well

Eat well


Tech week can easily stuff up your food schedule. Healthy eating is often the last thing you think of, however, it is a must. Eating better will help you emotionally and mentally, as well as keep your wallet intact. So before next tech week, focus on meal prep; you’ll feel better for it.

2. If you can, take time off work

Taking some days off is important. Working is stressful enough and not giving your mind and body time to rest makes it difficult. Time off gives you downtime, so plan ahead.

3. Practise mindfulness techniques 

Before tech week approaches, take some time to look into mindfulness exercises that work for you. These will come in handy as there are always moments that’ll test you in tech week. Being able to mentally push through them makes yours–and everyone else’s–tech week a little bit easier.

4. Embrace acceptance 

Embrace acceptance

Learn to accept tech week. It’s a chaotic time, and not everything goes to plan. It’s easy to get caught in your frustrations but remember that you’ve been prepping for this moment for months. All will work out and the show will go on. Just accept that nothing goes smoothly and you’ll make it through; trust us.

5. Be safe

During tech week, while practicing dancing or physical elements of the show, be sure to maintain a safe environment for yourself and other performers. This time can easily bring injuries that’ll impact the show. So before attempting anything, warm up. And if you feel uncomfortable doing anything, talk to your stage manager or director right away.

6. Be nice

Tech week is aggravating for all. Each person there is working tirelessly on the project, which may bring out unpleasantries. The best way to deal with this is to just be nice. If someone is angry at you, apologise and move on. If you’re angry at someone, leave the space for a bit and cool off. Conflict in tech week makes it hard and the best solution is to leave it, because nine times out of ten, if you do, the issue will resolve itself.

7. Bond with cast and crew 

Bond with cast and crew

There is a lot of downtime during tech week that can be used to bond with your cast and crew mates. Not only does it make you feel better, it makes others feel better. Afterall, you’re all in it for the love of theatre. Enjoy that and make lasting memories.

8. Ask friends to help you 

It’s hard to get anything outside of tech week done. So, ask your friends to help you. Whether it’s having them cook for you, be at the ready to take a call for emotional support, drive you to and from rehearsals or do your laundry–whatever you feel you need. And if the time comes, return the favour.

9. Enjoy the moment 

You’re so close to the show being on: live in it. Get pumped that opening night is only a few days away!

10. Thank everyone 

Thank everyone

A great way to survive is to take time to thank everyone for their hard work, no matter what your role is in the production. It is always a great moment for yourself mentally to take time to compliment others’ work. So do it and be sincere. None of this would happen without them, so let them know.

 With these tips, tech week becomes enjoyable and full of great memories. So get yourself prepared!

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