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‘TenorUS in Concert’ was wonderful. 

An intimate setting with candlelit tables served as the perfect venue for an entertaining night at ‘TenorUs’. Former Ten Tenors Roger Davy and Adam Bartlett headlined a concert of handpicked songs from a variety of genres. From opera to musical theatre to rock, every audience member was thoroughly entertained.

The stage was small and simple, a red velvet curtain and two microphone stands, which allowed the performers to be the main focus of the evening. A hatstand in the corner was adorned with props that the duo drew upon to bring the numbers to life and also broke up the staging. When the lighting was toned down, it softly illuminated the singers. However, at times the lighting was too strong and poor Roger Davy took on an alien green hue under the saturating light.

The show was intimate in nature and both performers conveyed a relaxed aura on stage. Bartlett’s witty banter with the audience elicited many laughs and Davy’s natural conversation made the crowd feel welcome and at home in their presence. The audience was invited to take part in songs through choreography and even sang along.

Davy’s operatic voice filled the small auditorium, his resonant tone tackling opera classics such as ‘La Donna Mobile’ and ‘Nella Fantasia’ with ease. He was also capable of adapting to other genres and his harmonies in ‘Sweet Caroline’ complemented Barlett’s melody beautifully. Davy’s rendition of ‘The Music of The Night’ was tremulous. Combined with his costume and staging of the number, you would be forgiven for thinking you were watching a production of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Members of the audience could be seen standing in ovation as the echoes of Davy’s final note were consumed by applause.

Bartlett excelled in the musical theatre numbers. His first solo, ‘Love Changes Everything’, set the tone for the night, garnering for what was to come. His performances of ‘I Am What I Am’ and ‘Bring Him Home’ were not only sung with controlled power but also contained such soul and emotion as to bring the characters to life.

The pair did well to select duets that suited both their voice styles, as well as a few surprising and unexpected songs which were handled very well. Their chemistry shone on stage, as when Bartlett helped Davy when he misplaced his microphone. This added to the overall enjoyment, as it was clear the pair were having as much fun on stage as the audience was watching them.

Though the venue was intimate and the audience was small, Davy and Bartlett put 100 per cent into every song; holding each note to the very end as if they were playing for an audience of thousands. The pair received a well-deserved standing ovation. This show is a must-see, as no matter what genre you prefer, ‘TenorUS’ offers something for everyone. And if you cheer loudly, you may even be lucky enough to receive an encore performance.

‘TenorUS’ is holding their final Brisbane performance on Friday, 30 April 2021 at The Sideshow. For more information, visit the ticketing website.

Photography by Satin Photography 

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