Snag an All Day Breakfast at the Comedy Festival

What do social media mums, step goal fanatics and existential dread have in common? All will be skewered and served up on a platter in a new musical comedy at the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

All Day Breakfast is the brainchild of Sophie Banister and Thien Pham, the reigning culinary-inspired champions of Brisbane cabaret.

“We’ve been hosting a variety night called Brisbaret since 2020, creating silly songs and interactive games to feed into the mix,” said Sophie.

“We’re plating up the best of those alongside a bunch of new material in a show full of comedy nutrients your whole brunch crew can enjoy.”

Thien said All Day Breakfast summed up the pair’s ethos that there be something for everyone. “We’ve got a range of original songs inspired by common experiences, whether that be teenage angst, social media-induced anxiety or what not to do around dead people,” he said.

“Having played Adelaide Fringe back in February, we’re thrilled to put on this bumper buffet of topical tunes and interactive fun for our fellow Brisbanites!”

All Day Breakfast is wholesome home-cooked comedy without the delivery fee. With a very short run, the piece will be performed for two shows only, one on May 21st and the other May 22nd.

Praise from AdelaideNow declared Baniester and Pham’s Brisbaret show was, “Bubbly, bright and absolutely delicious!”, whereas  “Political satire and charming geekery” was the description provided by Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane.

Theatre Haus was also in attendance at the last production, with our reviewer explaining their connection:

“Their chemistry sizzled throughout musical numbers about filming ‘Inspector Gadget 2’ along the “brown snake” that is the Brisbane river; an ‘Under Pressure’ parody about a “dude bro” harassing “lonely bitches”; and a duet featuring Pham on guitar and Banister on fiddle, reminding Brisbanites: “You can drive the right speed when it’s raining.””

Read the full review here.

To find out more about All Day Breakfast or book tickets visit Brisbane Comedy Festival’s website.

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