The politics of a vodka lime soda at Anywhere Festival

Some say that to date as a heterosexual woman is to deal with the dichotomies of a twinkle. Be available, but not too available. Be innocent, but sexy. Be funny, but not funnier. Be interesting, but don’t steal the conversation. Be smart, but never smarter. Be attractive, but don’t try too hard. Be feminine, but don’t be like “other girls”.

The Politics of Vodka Lime Soda is a revolt against the sticky remnants of the idea that a woman’s social purpose is to be appealing to men. And nowhere is quite as sticky as the Valley on a weekend. But, for a generation of bar hoppers and shot takers, of drunken stumblers, dancefloor vapers and drink-to-forgetters, it sounds a little like romance.

So, the Valley is where you’ll find Isobel, Lo, and Jen; sick of men, but ready for action.

Produced and directed by emerging theatre collective T!TS AKIMBO, this debut work will be hitting the stage of Blute’s Bar for three nights across May. The show runs for approximately 45 minutes and is followed by post-show karaoke – until the bartenders kick everyone out.

T!TS AKIMBO creates works that are unapologetically female-centric and hold accessibility at their core. They strive towards removing barriers to creation and audience participation for those who have felt excluded by the structures of traditional theatre.

The company has emerged as a revolt to the stiflingly archaic legacies of traditional theatre. They had ample experience of the ways in which female and queer stories had been politicised, at best, and, at worst, renegaded to the sidelines in favour of a “real story”.

They are challenged and intrigued by the contradictions of modern feminism and, in this show, explore the idea of gender performativity within the dating landscape.

If you can relate or are maybe just a little intrigued, find out more information or grab tickets from the Anywhere Festival website.

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