Love Lust Lost - Broad Encounters

Broad Encounters’ new immersive experience is coming to Brisbane

A new theatrical experience is opening in Brisbane and it’s guaranteed to take audiences on an immersive adventure into the unknown. 

From the team behind Brisbane’s longest-running show ‘A Midnight Visit’, Broad Encounters are back with their highly anticipated underwater experience, aptly entitled ‘Love, Lust, Lost’. Spanning across 38 rooms at the Valley’s Dockyards, this new show opens its portholes officially on Thursday, 14 July 2022.

In ‘Love, Lust, Lost’, audiences will embark on a nautical adventure that takes inspiration from iconic tales such as ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea’, ‘Heart of Darkness’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’. But make no mistake, this is an adults-only event that uses music, dance and spoken word to convey themes of passion, desire, sacrifice and death, all set to a watery backdrop.

Love Lust Lost - Broad Encounters
‘Love Lust Lost’ is a new immersive experience coming to Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley this July 2022. Photography by Jade Ellis.

Staged in an old abandoned warehouse in Fortitude Valley, where Broad Encounter’s hit production ‘A Midnight Visit’ was previously presented, the location is brought to life again in this epic adventure. Unlike its predecessor, the venue for ‘Love Lust Lost’ now has an extra floor added, which opens the experience up to an expansive 38 rooms; allowing audience members to dive deeper into the unique aquatic stylings. Additionally, and also unlike ‘A Midnight Visit’, a storyline is woven into this ‘submersive’ experience. 

Led by a cast of seven talented performers, audiences join the storyline, as they themselves dictate their journey by choosing where they go and what they see in this production. Will they go left or right? In ‘Love Lust Lost’ the journey and experience is entirely up to the audience. That is, there are various experiences to be had across the many rooms.

This style of presentation is reminiscent of Punchdrunk, a British theatre company that developed a form of immersion where no audience member has the same experience as another. That means the show is entirely unique, no matter how many times audience members choose to attend.

After the success of their previous production, it is exciting that Broad Encounters have chosen Brisbane to host the premiere of their new and ambitious theatrical experience. 

‘Love, Lust, Lost’ opens on Thursday, 14 July 2022. 

For information on tickets and show dates, visit the official ‘Love, Lust, Lost’ website.

Title Photography by David Kelly.

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