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‘Skyfall: The Music of James Bond’ // The Little Red Co

‘Skyfall: The Music of James Bond’ was killer.

While a dry martini might not tickle everyone’s tastebuds, ‘Skyfall: The Music of James Bond’ was a mouthwatering treat for all. This cocktail blend of killer vocals, smouldering outfits, sensual dances, and a garnish of quick-wit was enough to satisfy any appetite. Audiences were given what they wanted – James Bond music – but presented in a way that was as unexpected and fresh. The Little Red Company definitely have the Midas touch when it comes to cabaret-making.

Featuring a 12-piece band, dancers, a drag queen and vocalists, ‘Skyfall: The Music of James Bond’ took audiences on a journey through the iconic music featured in  the 27 James Bond films. Woven together in a way that took audiences on an action-packed adventure full of soaring notes and throaty sass, the setlist was cleverly crafted to meld together the many styles of music across 60 years of film. 

Aside from the iconic tunes, technical design was easily the other hero of this production. From the moment the James Bond theme started playing, the lighting snapped to attention, bathing the audience in a red hue and punctuating beats with movers. With high ceilings and an awful amount of space to fill, Jason Glenwright created a design that gave vision to the incredible sound and wholly filled the QPAC stage. Every song had its own lighting state and helped to provide flow to the fast-paced production. 

There’s no James Bond film without glitz and glam and a chandelier was the perfect accessory. Placed in the centre of the stage, the chandelier rose to reveal Luke Kennedy in his polished tuxedo. Not long after, Naomi Price entered in a dress that left audience’s jaws on the ground. Costuming by Zoe Griffiths, Wil Valor, The Hemmingbird and Urbbana was nothing short of perfection. Price’s floor-length, black gown transitioned to a tight, golden pantsuit in the second act, both of which left Price looking like Brisbane’s very own Bond girl. 

The band didn’t put a foot wrong the entire performance with each talented musician given a moment to shine. The music of James Bond provides great scope for new and interesting arrangements and Maitlohn Drew and Brydon Stace did not disappoint. There were clear stylistic changes throughout, which maintained variety while also keeping a consistent throughline of Bond drama. 

James Bond films are never complete without the supporting actors and ‘Skyfall’ would similarly not be complete without the incredible supporting acts who elevated the production. Dancers Bridie Anstee and Shani Sweetnam dazzled and added an extra layer of entertainment. Choreography by Kate Wormald was the perfect balance between sensual and powerful. Anstee and Sweetnam not only danced with great skill but interacted intelligently with the singers and band. They were simply an extension of the music and all groups worked together to crescendo each song to the Bond money notes.  

No one expected to see a drag queen at ‘Skyfall: The Music of James Bond’ but Beverly Kills slotted right in as arguably the ultimate bond girl. With Price’s vocals as backing and Beverly Kills’ sultry moves, the pair’s performance was an unexpected highlight. Beverly Kill’s glittering golden costume got progressively more scandalous throughout the number, ending with some nipple tassels and not much else. To seal the deal, Beverly Kills forgot to pre-set her dress for after the performance so audiences were treated with an extended tassel moment, while Price and Beverly Kills had a chat. Perhaps the only moment in the show which didn’t quite gel was the section where the pair named the front row with Bond girl/drag queen names. It was clearly scripted and a more entertaining audience involvement moment would have been more effective. 

Any audience member would have given Mat Verevis a license to kill. With silky vocals, incredible stage presence and a fantastic red velvet suit to boot, Verevis’ performance was an absolute highlight. The jaw-dropping soprano Rebecca Cassidy was similarly sublime. Her soaring and effortless notes left audiences cheering and gave a fresh take on the iconic Bond songs.  

Dynamic duo Kennedy and Price wowed again with not only their flawless vocals but easy-going repartee. Price was an absolute charmer, smashing out quick and witty one-liners and striking the perfect balance as an MC for the evening. Kennedy might have been a bit quieter on the mic but he didn’t hold back when it came to singing. Known for his incredible range, Bond songs gave Kennedy the perfect opportunity to impress.  Price’s delicious low range was on full display throughout the evening and she delivered a beautiful tone during her solo numbers. 

Themed cabarets are often some of the best because they attract people who are passionate about that artist or film or era. The Little Red Company are top-tier at creating productions that not only pay tribute to incredible music but make the tunes their own. We’re excited to see what they concoct next.

‘Skyfall’ performed for two nights only at QPAC Concert Hall. For more information visit The Little Red Company website.


Images by Steph Do Rozario

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