Birds Be Crazy - Brisbane Fringe

‘Bird Be Crazy’ // Miss Zella Shear and Fringe Brisbane

‘Bird Be Crazy’ was amusing.

Miss Zella Shear convinced the audience she was worthy of a halo during her performance of ‘Bird Be Crazy’ last weekend. Presented in partnership with Fringe Brisbane at Elements Collective, the 45 minute performance showcased Shear’s cabaret talents. Dazzling audiences in a ruffled sequin feathered number, Shear invited the crowd into an evening of absurd antics, accompanied by parodies of well known songs, and objects identifiable in Australian pop culture. Formerly trained as an opera singer, Shear wowed audiences with her broad vocal range, witty repartee, and fearless showmanship in her one-woman show. 

Set in limbo, Shear sang relevant parodies about her current predicament. The stage was dressed with a foldable beach chair, a blow up coconut tree weighed down with real coconuts, and a large plastic box with a question mark printed on it. Periodically, Shear would remove an item from the box which would initiate the next song. A favourite moment was when Shear pulled out a helmet covered in zip ties to the calls of a magpie. Audiences instantly knew what the next song would be about. A hilarious nod to everyone who’s been swooped by the infamous magpie, audiences laughed at and applauded Shear’s dedication to the reenactment of the terrifying encounter. 

As Shear did not once leave the stage during her show, she found inventive ways to change costumes onstage. Hilariously, Shear decided to distract audiences by instructing them to look under their chair for an important item as a way to successfully change into her giant bird costume. Audiences were left giggling and feeling a little gullible that they fell for her ploy. 

The warehouse space is a very intimate setting – it was admirable that Shear sang and danced in such close proximity to the audience. Frequently calling on audience members, it quickly became clear that this performance required the audience to have a voice. Notably, Shear announced towards the end that it was in their hands whether the ‘loveable narcissist’ got to go to heaven, or someplace warmer. Allowing the audience to have a stake in the narrative made for an engaging show – many audience members were giggling when they had to deliver their verdict. 

‘Bird Be Crazy’ reminded audiences to appreciate life and live it to the fullest, and the importance of being a little silly. Shear continuously amused the audience with her witty remarks, hilarious reenactments, and silly parodies. A natural performer, Shear fearlessly performed ‘Bird Be Crazy’ in an intimate setting which required her to perform with higher energy, and thicker skin. Shear’s strong performance left audiences laughing and actively engaged. 

‘Bird Be Crazy’ performed until Saturday, 5 November. Visit the Brisbane Fringe website for more information.

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