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Brisbane Improv Festival returns in 2022

The Brisbane Improv Festival will return this year, in November.

Presented by Big Fork Theatre, and hosted in their own purpose-built improv and comedy theatre in Fortitude Valley, the festival will celebrate all things improvised comedy.

Performed over 8 days, the festival will feature live shows and workshops that showcase the best comedic talent from Brisbane, interstate and overseas. Specifically, this festival will host some of the world’s best improvisers, from Australia, New Zealand and as far as Estonia.

Shows within The Brisbane Improv Festival are open to the public and present every form of improvised theatre imaginable – from improvised musicals to plays, games shows and more.

Brisbane Improv Festival - Big Fork Theatre
Big Fork Theatre’s Brisbane Improv Festival will return in November.

Improvised comedy, known as the more colloquial term “improv”, is a popular art form where everything is made up on the spot. Shows like ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ or ‘Thank God You’re Here’ have made the comedy style extremely popular, boring the careers of comedians like Tina Fey, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler.

Big Fork Theatre has become of the home of improvised comedy here in Brisbane. The company operates from Brisbane’s only dedicated improvisation and comedy theatre (Big Fork Theatre), at St Pauls’s Terrace, which opened in February 2022.

Recently, Big Fork Theatre’s 2021 Brisbane Improv Festival features four nights of live shows, selling over 1400+ tickets.

Now in 2022, the festival is bigger and better, aiming to end the year with an improvised bang.

The Brisbane Improv Festival will perform from 12-19 November 2022.

For more information about shows and to purchase tickets, visit Big Fork Theatre’s website or the Brisbane Improv Festival website

Photography by Kris Anderson

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