Output - Coleman Grehan

‘Output’ // Coleman Grehan and Fringe Brisbane

‘Output’ was relatable.

‘Output’ is a unique piece of theatre created through the collaboration of Coleman Grehan and Fringe Brisbane. The audience was confronted by Grehan’s spoken word and poetry, set to the backdrop of EDM style music for the full thirty minutes.

Coleman Grehan is a multi award-winning freelance theatre director and sound designer from Brisbane, Australia. His work has been exhibited in various festivals and venues across the East Coast of Australia. Among his own self-produced work, Grehan has worked as a sound designer with various companies nationally and internationally. Grehan is interested in the experimental process and production of theatre, music and visual art which is showcased through their original show, ‘Output’.

Grehan told the story of coming to Fringe Brisbane and their background creating theatre for the past six years. They shared the struggles that came with creative expression and forming meaningful works. An interesting anecdote of the piece was the stark commentary on social media. Grehan used a phone torch and thumb to swipe the light and create the effect of scrolling on Tik Tok or similar platforms. With the addition of some swooshing sound effects, this was a really powerful moment that started Grehan’s performance and established the atmosphere.

Grehan spoke of the struggles that come with creating music through high end software and how concerning Artificial Intelligence is for artists with their employment in the crossfire. They spoke about how it was a struggle to find the line between their ‘output’ and that generated by technology; however, for this interesting performance Grehan’s ‘Output’ is was clearly theirs to own. 

Grehan ensured the audience thought and reflected on social media, the pandemic, the social impact of Artificial Intelligence and many other relevant issues explored throughout the performance. The timeliness of the issues covered made it relatable and moving for any keep up to date with current affairs.

Overall, Coleman Grehan’s creative and fantastical use of sound and words will challenge the audience’s perception of theatre, the social climate and the future of technology.

Output performed until Friday 4 November 2022  at Brisbane Fringe Hub. For more information visit the Fringe Brisbane website.

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