Fast Food the Musical… Minus the Maccas Run

Are you a fan of musicals and fast food? Look no further than “Fast Food: The Musical”, the satirical musical comedy that takes a deep dive into the world of fast food culture. While it may be tempting to make a maccas run before you read on, this article has no affiliation with the fast food giant.

An Overview of “Fast Food: The Musical”

“Fast Food: The Musical” was created by Rob Alderton and released in 2020. It features original songs that explore the highs and lows of the fast food industry, including “Drive-Thru Love,” “Processed Meat,” and “The Ballad of Ronald McDonald.” The show is a satirical take on the fast food culture, poking fun at everything from the menu choices to the over-the-top marketing tactics used by fast food companies.

The show follows the story of an imaginative young chef named Johnnie Goode and his partnership with the smooth-talking entrepreneur, Dan Crawford. Their restaurant, GoodeBurgers, becomes a huge success and is rapidly franchised. However, as the restaurant expands, Dan becomes a ruthless profiteer who exploits workers and customers alike. Johnnie’s reticence to challenge Dan is interpreted as weakness, leading to a confrontation that sets the two men on opposite paths.

The show featured a cast of talented performers, and the original production can be enjoyed on the 2020 cast recording available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Fast Food” Stageplay vs “Fast Food: The Musical

It is important to note that “Fast Food”, the play that premiered at the Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre in Victoria in 2022, is a different production from “Fast Food: The Musical”. “Fast Food” is an original comedy written by Morgan Rose, which explores the lives of five people working in a fast food restaurant and their dreams for something better. It looks at the realities of the gig economy and the challenges faced by those who work in the fast-paced world of ultra-convenience.

While both productions may touch on similar themes related to fast food culture, they are distinct works of art.

No McDonald’s on Stage… Yet

While fast food is a ubiquitous part of modern life, McDonald’s has arguably been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. Despite this, there has yet to be a major stage production dedicated to the Golden Arches.

Of course, there was that McDonald’s commercial in the 70s that featured a catchy jingle and some fun choreography. And let’s not forget the 2016 film The Founder, which chronicled the rise of McDonald’s.


While McDonald’s has yet to be fully adapted to the stage, the success of fast food-themed productions suggests that there is an appetite for exploring the industry’s impact on society and individuals. However, some may argue that the fast food industry making an appearance in art is a reflection of peak capitalism. Whether or not fast food is a theme worth exploring on stage is a matter of personal interpretation, but there is no doubt that commercial symbols in the arts will continue to provoke discussion within our society.

Find out about licencing FAST FOOD: THE MUSICAL and check out the musical Mcdonald’s commercial from the 70s below:

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