Award-Winning Musical “The Golden Cage” to Stream Free Premiere

Online stage production platform, Streaming Musicals, has announced the free streaming premiere of the award-winning new musical, The Golden Cage, from April 27 to May 1, 2023.

Directed by R. Lee Kratzer, The Golden Cage has book, music, and lyrics by Grammy-nominated composer Deborah Henson-Conant, with a cast of two, including Christopher Isolano and Maddie Allen.

The Golden Cage is a musical about a mythical cage that is irresistible from the outside, but inescapable from the inside. The story follows two creatures who meet on either side of its bars. Boris, half-man and half-bird, is stranded on the outside after a lifetime of searching for the cage, while Alphea is trapped on the inside and longs for freedom but fears the outside and can’t remember how she got trapped inside. The musical reflects the cages in which we trap ourselves and the only way we can emerge, through connection with each other.

The Golden Cage is a show for multi-generational audiences to enjoy together, with its universal subject matter, sophisticated music, and whimsical characters. It offers a common language to talk about the trap of isolation, the polarized reality of being an ‘insider’ or an ‘outsider,’ and the discovery that it’s only through human connection that we can break through to our common humanity and the glorious truth of who we most deeply are.

The musical is available to be licensed for live performances, making it what’s often called a “producer’s dream,” with its small orchestra, single set, and two-person cast that’s open to any gender, age, race or body type.

The Golden Cage’s collaboration with Streaming Musicals follows an award-winning soundstage production filmed in front of live audiences at the CreateTheater New Works Festival at NYC’s Theatre Row in 2022, where the production won awards for Best Actor, Best Musical Score, and Most Innovative Production.

Streaming Musicals is dedicated to creating, capturing, and presenting new, original musical theatre content, working with artists in bringing the magic of theatre to international audiences. The platform focuses on storytelling, character, and music and aims to build a bigger outlet for people who love theatre. The Golden Cage is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

Tickets and additional information are available on The Golden Cage website. This is a must-see for theatre enthusiasts, and its free streaming premiere provides the perfect opportunity to experience its magic from the comfort of home.

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    Come and bring friends – this is a story for multi-generational audiences – a musical about being trapped and finding freedom through human connection.

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