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Young Artist Ensemble present a contemporary adaptation of ‘Romeo & Juliet’

The Young Artist Ensemble of Technicolour Theatre Company will return to the stage in October with a contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s tragedy, ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

Adapted and conceived by award-winning director, Timothy Wynn, the production aims to focus on the challenges young people in face in 2020. Inheriting a world, divided by issues like gun violence, hateful political regimes, a global pandemic and human rights atrocities, the adaptation will target modern audiences and be presented by a team of emerging creatives. Wynn spoke about this new opportunity and how it engages a collection of young artists.

“I am excited to be given the chance to not only direct ‘Romeo & Juliet’ but also write a new adaptation specifically for Technicolour’s Youth Ensemble,” Wynn said.

“I was struck at how political it was and how much conflict existed between the different generations of the characters. It is with these concepts [that this] version of the play is inspired by the likes of Greta Thunberg, Malala Yousafzai and the Parkland High School students who stood up for gun control. The Montagues and the Capulets are given a mandate to hate by generations past but it is the younger generation that reminds them of their capacity to love.”

Romeo & Juliet - Technicolour Theatre Company
Jaryn Oliphant and Poppy Nowlan star as Romeo and Juliet in Technicolour Theatre Company’s upcoming production of ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Entering their third year of operation, Technicolour Theatre Company are quickly becoming a well-known theatrical organisation. Having facilitated workshops, masterclasses and professional development opportunities for local artists, the company focuses on empowering creatives with accessibility to all aspects of theatre, diversity and representation in the performing arts.

In an interview with Broadway World, Artistic Director and Founder of Technicolour Theatre Company, Andrew CP, spoke of the extraordinary diligence exerted by the young team when navigating a digital audition and a COVID-impacted artistic world.

“We have such an exceptional cast of dedicated and talented young artists who participated in a completely digital audition process and used time in isolation to be off-book (the directors dream),” said Andrew CP.

“There’s also something interesting about the casting of Romeo and Juliet as their “correct” ages in the script, without giving away too much – this production is adapted and directed by Matilda Award Nominee Timothy Wynn. In early discussions Tim and I were unanimous in making sure that this was a production that was enhanced by having a youth cast rather than a censored or junior version of something that they couldn’t completely authentically and sincerely inhabit.

Technicolour Theatre Company Rehearsals
Technicolour Theatre Company have been busy preparing the production in socially distanced rehearsals.

In his adaption he has omitted all but 3 of the adult roles, so at no point do we actually see the patriarchs or matriarchs of the Capulet or Montague houses, although we might hear their attitudes and opinions spoken by other characters. What the audience does see is the effects and reaction of a group of young people inheriting a world with a mandate to hate, a theme that resonates with young artists and activists today.”

Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers are reimagined in Wynn’s contemporary adaptation, that tells the story of “two teenagers, inheriting a world seething with hate, who must be prepared to risk life and death for the sake of love.”

‘Romeo & Juliet‘ performs for four shows only at the Helensvale Cultural Centre from Thursday, 8 October 2020.

For show information and tickets, please visit Technicolour Theatre Company’s Website.

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