Kirby Lunn - The Man

Kirby Lunn shows blondes have more – resilience!

Like so many in the arts industry, Kirby Lunn has seen COVID-19 shake the foundations of her career. But she won’t be defeated. Especially as she sets to bring her powerhouse, one-woman show, to Brisbane’s doorstep.

Starring Kirby Lunn and her live musicians, her new cabaret ‘The Man’ will perform from 16-19 September at Hayward Street Studios.  Featuring contemporary songs from leading female artists, ‘The Man’ sheds light on the struggles and misconceptions about Hollywood’s most iconic woman. Part fact, part fiction. 

Kirby Lunn - The Man

In what was supposed to be the greatest of her life, Kirby Lunn had to make some life-changing decisions and face some challenging prospects. As a Southeast Queensland local, Lunn had spent years dedicated to her studies, passionate about the arts and waiting for the day it would all pay off.

Living in New York City in 2018, she dreamt of making it big on Broadway. For a time, life was on her side.  After completing her studies at the American Musical Dramatic Academy, Lunn landed the role of Amber Von Tussel in Hairspray; she went on to perform in the US National Tour of Kinky Boots, and finally scored the starring role of Elle Woods in Legally Blonde.

For her Blonde performance, she received rave reviews, critics describing her Elle as “quirky and bubbly” and “believable and genuine”. After two years of shows, and after just announcing a National Tour, COVID-19 hit the world.

The pandemic has been the driving force behind closures and cancellations across the arts world. Broadway, West End and theatres around the globe were put to an abrupt – and unending – intermission. 

This has left many performers, including Lunn, uncertain about their futures in the industry.

“It felt like it got pulled away from me and from all the other people who were living their dream,” Lunn commented. 

“Musical theatre was my path with no backup plan.”

And what does one do with no backup plan? They build resilience – picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. This is precisely how Kirby Lunn responded to the difficult circumstances facing her career and lifestyle. 

“I made the most of the downtime and developed my own work.” Lunn reflects. “Stemming from a lifelong fascination with Marilyn Monroe – The Man was created!”

Starring Kirby Lunn and her live musicians, ‘The Man’ runs from 16 September at Staffords’ Hayward Street Studios. 

For further information about ‘The Man’ visit the Hayward Street website.

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