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Coastal Theatre Collective: Bringing Broadway to the Sunny Coast

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast has a new player in town, and it’s ready to make waves in the theatrical scene. The Coastal Theatre Collective, founded by Australian performers and local Sunshine Coast talents Nicole Kaminski and Madi Lee, is set to make its mark with an inaugural production that promises to be a showstopper.

Lee and Kaminski, with impressive credits from Legally Blonde to High School Musical, are on a mission. Their goal? To provide a platform for the immense talent they’ve discovered on the Sunshine Coast. In a recent Q&A with Theatre Haus, Lee expressed their excitement about tapping into the local talent pool. “We feel there is a huge plethora of talent up in the Sunshine Coast of young performers who want to be using their craft,” she said.

The duo chose to kick off their journey with the production of A Chorus Line. This timeless musical, a stunning portrayal of Broadway dreams, follows the poignant ambitions of professional Broadway performers vying for a spot in a show. With memorable musical numbers and authentic drama, it was instantly recognized as a classic.

Behind the Scenes

The idea for Coastal Theatre Collective was born out of the recognition of untapped talent on the Sunshine Coast. Lee and Kaminski, both not originally from the area, noticed the abundance of remarkable artists but a lack of opportunities. “The talent is here, so why not the opportunities?” Lee said. The decision to create the company was spontaneous, a result of a night’s contemplation during their usual family routine.

Madi Lee, originally from Melbourne, has an extensive background in musical theatre as a performer and a creative. Her passion for choreography and direction led her to work on various productions, from Sydney Mardi Gras Parade to Coastal Theatre Collective’s first musical, A Chorus Line. Nicole Kaminski, hailing from Perth, found her love for theatre after completing studies at FedUniBallarat. With a diverse performance background, including roles in Wicked and The Sound of Music, she now calls the Sunny Coast home, balancing her work as a teacher and dance coach with her role as a director.

A Chorus Line was chosen for its authentic portrayal of the lives of performers, giving audiences a rare insight into the world behind the curtain. The decision aligns with the producers’ passion for creating a sense of community rather than competition on stage.

Lee and Kaminski praised the drive and determination of Sunshine Coast performers. The cast of A Chorus Line includes both experienced principal performers and local young talents, offering a unique opportunity for the younger generation to learn from seasoned professionals. The casting process for A Chorus Line proved to be challenging due to the show’s authentic representation of real people. The producers took their time to ensure the cultural backgrounds of the characters were accurately represented. Being a new company also added pressure to deliver a production of the highest standard.

Coastal Theatre Collective’s long-term goals include nurturing younger performers through workshops and training opportunities. Audition prep, masterclasses, and camps are on the horizon, emphasizing their commitment to teaching and coaching. The company has ambitious plans, including acquiring rights for future productions in 2024 and 2025. While keeping the specific productions under wraps, Lee and Kaminski promise shows that will feed the souls of both performers and the community.

In the world of Coastal Theatre Collective, the spotlight isn’t just on the stage; it’s on building a vibrant, inclusive community that celebrates the magic of theatre on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. A Chorus Line plays February 7th – 10th, 2024 at The Events Centre, Caloundra. Book your tickets now at The Events Centre Website.

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