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In the Space: Empire Theatre

The Empire Theatre, a majestic Art Deco landmark, graces 56 Neil Street, Toowoomba, Queensland. Since its addition to the Queensland Heritage Register in 1994, it has remained a beacon of cultural history and architectural beauty. With its Hollywood-esque glamour and a grand proscenium arch, the Empire Theatre is not just a building but a portal to the golden era of entertainment.

The Empire Theatre, Toowoomba, circa 1911


The theatre’s journey began in 1911 as a grand masonry picture theatre, capturing the hearts of Toowoomba residents. Designed by architect George Lane and built by Henry Andrews, it balanced early cinema with vaudeville, becoming an entertainment hub. Despite renovations and the introduction of “talkies” in 1929, the original Empire Theatre met a tragic end in a fire in 1933.

The current Empire Theatre, reconstructed in 1933, is a masterpiece of Art Deco design by architects TR Hall & LB Phillips. This new structure, integrating parts of the original 1911 building, became Queensland’s largest provincial theatre, with a seating capacity of 2,500. Notable for its structural steel framework and absence of obstructing columns, the theatre offered unparalleled views and acoustics.

Empire Theatre Toowoomba

Modern Use

Today, the Empire Theatre stands as more than just a venue; it is a cultural institution. It represents a commitment to artistic innovation, collaboration, and excellence. As the largest performing arts precinct in regional Australia, the Empire Theatre plays a pivotal role in nurturing and inspiring dynamic cultural growth.

The Empire Theatre’s guiding principles — innovation, collaboration, transformation, creativity, and excellence — are not mere words but the lifeblood of its operations. It focuses on being a champion for the arts, stimulating positive change, and maintaining the highest standards in all endeavours.

The Empire Theatre, with its state-of-the-art sound and lighting capabilities, is versatile and equipped to host a range of performances. Its strategic location, surrounded by historic buildings and modern facilities, accentuates its dominant presence in Toowoomba’s streetscape.

empire theatre performance audience jpeg


The Empire Theatre’s Art Deco facade, with palm frond motifs and decorative panels, is an architectural marvel. Inside, the theatre retains many original features, including lighting systems and the iconic proscenium arch, known for its size and unique lighting effects.

The theatre’s technical aspects, from its fly tower to the sophisticated lighting and sound systems, demonstrate its capability to host large-scale productions. Its structural design, particularly the steel truss supporting the Dress Circle, showcases innovative engineering from the 1930s.

The Empire Theatre, celebrating its centenary in 2011, has evolved from a picture theatre to a multifaceted cultural centre. It continues to be a pillar in the Darling Downs community, not just as a performance venue but as a custodian of artistic heritage. Its focus on connecting the community with the performing arts ensures that the Empire Theatre remains a vibrant and essential part of Australia’s cultural landscape.

For more information about the hire of the space, or to see an event, visit the Empire Theatre.

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