‘Motorboat’ // Melbourne International Comedy Festival & Mel McGlensey

‘Motorboat’ was hilarious.

Ready your sails and cast your eye to the most naughty, nautical, and comedic  adventure that is Mel McGlensey’s ‘Motorboat’, performed at “The Butterfly Club” as  part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Directed by Sharnema Nougar,  this stand-up, interactive, sketch performance is one not to be missed, and a perfect  fun filled hour of sexy, silly, boat hilarity. We are all boat members in McGlensey’s  Motorboat world. It was a room full of yachts, catamarans, paddleboats, and tugboats.  And a place where ‘Motorboat’ wanted to ride the waves, sail the seas, and most  definitely did not want to be stuck, tied to the dock, ordered by Captain Daddy… 

With this Adelaide Fringe award winning “Best Comedy”, the silliness only continues as McGlensey commands her stage, whilst meeting all her new boat friends, letting you  ring her bell and taking you for a tour on board above and below deck. With her quick wit and consensual interaction with the crowd I’m only going to say, if you don’t want any  boat attention then do not sit in the front row! As quoted by McGlensey “It’s only gonna  get worse for you from here!”.  

Her story continues as ‘Motorboat’ defies Captain Daddy and goes on a comical sea  faring adventure to discover what makes her motor really go, as well as getting caught in  all powerful euphoric storms along the way, because honestly, what Motorboat wants to  be stuck tied to a stupid dock all day when you can be chasing storms! 

As soon as you stepped into “The Butterfly Club’s” downstairs theatre you were  immediately pulled into ‘Motorboat’s’ world. Everything from pre-boat show inspired  music, ringing bells, boat horn sound effects emitted from ‘Motorboat’s’ boobie deck,  ocean wave sounds, port and starboard lights, voiceovers from Captain Daddy and an  occasional dream sequence or two! McGlensey’s interaction with the audience and her  use of effects was funny, inclusive, and just outrageously brilliant.  

McGlensey delivered a truly masterful and hilarious piece of stand-up sketch comedy.  In her blue and white mini sailor’s dress and hat, and a jackpot store of props, if  McGlensey had a prop, she used it! And so did everyone else. From seeking assistance  from her boat manual info-binder, getting her boobie deck rubbed down with micro fiber duster to lastly her toy boat storm sequence that made its way through the crowd.  Audience members were all smiles and tears of laughter when ‘Motorboat’ pulled an 

unsuspecting crowd member to perform with her on stage in a pre-written ‘idiot-proof’  scene. No crowd member was immune to McGlensey’s crowd inclusive boat hilarity.  

Although no one was excluded from McGlensey’s fun you were by no means afraid of it  either. Her command of space meant that she always gave you the choice whether to be  involved or not. McGlensey’s performance was seamless, with her boat inspired motor  chest shimmy’s, crowd performed ocean body wave moves and of course giving  audience members their desired chance to perform alongside the leading ‘Motorboat’  star that is Mel McGlensey.  

This Adelaide Fringe award winning “Best Comedy”, solo performing comedic star, I  hope, will continue to keep audiences laughing until their cheeks hurt! Mel McGlensey  is a talented and truly gifted clown. But for this show, one does not work without the  other. ‘Motorboat’ does not work without the crowd and the crowd is needed for  ‘Motorboat’to stay afloat. Of course, what is a show without a talented director (Sharnema Nougar) and creative team. With design consultation by Douglas Wilson and sound design by Max Paton, Mel McGlesey as ‘Motorboat’ is a creative masterpiece.  

‘Motorboat’ takes on an all-encompassing ride of boat self-discovery mixed with an  enormous amount of comedy, silliness, and nautical naughtiness. Definitely one of the  best interactive audience performances that this reviewer has ever been to, and one I  would see again. 

‘Motorboat’performs until Thursday, 11th of April 2024 at The Butterfly Club. For  more information visit their website.

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