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‘Off My Chest’ // Lisa Sharpe & Melbourne International Comedy Festival

‘Off My Chest’ promised an evening of light-hearted comedy but unfortunately fell short. Lisa Sharpe, the comedian behind the show, aimed to blend relatable anecdotes from her life into a stand-up routine at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Targeting an audience primarily consisting of “menopausal women”, as she described herself, Sharpe’s performance sometimes lacked the necessary comedic rhythm and momentum to truly engage the crowd. While there were glimpses of brilliance in her repertoire, such as her impressions of various characters she encountered, the overall execution felt disjointed as she hopped from one story to another without meaningful segues. Her anecdotes, drawing on her family, upbringing, and relationships with her fiancé and children, were relatable and humourous at times.

The evening unfolded in the cozy confines of the Theory Bar, creating an intimate atmosphere ideally suited for such an event. While Sharpe struggled to captivate the entire audience, she managed to strike a chord with a segment of older women present, who found solace in her portrayal of everyday stereotypes and shared experiences. Moments of genuine laughter from select audience members weren’t able to cover the challenges Sharpe faced in honing her delivering to a diverse crowd.

Throughout the performance, Sharpe delved into anecdotes about her experiences getting married later in life, along with light-hearted tales shared with her partner. She also fearlessly exposed her brother’s unsupportive manner and explored the distinct differences between her two children. While there’s no denying the humour in her stories, the delivery fell short of expectations, with punchlines often feeling out of reach.

‘Off My Chest’ managed to provide a mildly entertaining hour, despite lacking the punch expected. While having a wealth of material to draw from, Sharpe struggled to maintain comedic pace, resulting in awkward transitions and missed opportunities for genuine laughter. Sharpe’s material often failed to resonate beyond the surface level.

Sharpe struck a chord with her target audience of “menopausal women”, but the broader appeal of ‘Off My Chest’ was severely limited by its delivery and material. Nevertheless, ‘Off My Chest’ continues its run for limited nights, remaining a part of the vibrant lineup at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. For those who find resonance with Sharpe’s take on relatable experiences, her show may still hold some charm.

‘Off My Chest’ offered a glimpse into the comedic talents of Lisa Sharpe but ultimately fell short of delivering a truly memorable experience. While there were moments of humour and vulnerability, the overall execution lacked consistency and failed to fully engage the audience. However, with continued effort and refinement, Sharpe has the potential to elevate her performance and establish herself as a comedic force to be reckoned with in the future

‘Off My Chest’ performs until 21st, of April 2024 at the Theory Bar, in Melbourne. For more information visit their website.

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